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Goji berry benefits

Lose Weight With Goji Berries, Is It Possible?

When it comes to diet plans, including Goji berries has become very fashionable. But can you actually lose weight with goji berries? In this article we take a closer look and see if there’s anything to this.


Do goji berries help you lose weight?

One thing first :people who rely solely on goji berries will probably suffer a big disappointment. While goji berries do have the ability to assist with weight loss, they will not overtake a bad diet. In other words, sprinkling a couple of goji berries on a doughnut won\’t cut it.

That being said, they are a great companion to any diet, and they can help your body shift that extra weight more easily.

So how do goji berries help in weight loss?

Goji berries help fight the two main causes that people gain weight excessively. ( Reference )

  1. The first is the inability to control appetite and cravings for sweet, fatty and high-calorie foods,
  2. Next is the lack of physical activity typical of a sedentary lifestyle.

Read on to find out exactly how this is done.



Goji berries speed up metabolism

While helping us keep our appetite under control, goji berries make an excellent supplement to burn fat faster. Eating berries can make diet and exercise more effective for weight loss.

Goji berry and metabolism
how to eat goji berries to lose weight


Our metabolism is like the engine in the car when it comes to weight loss, creating energy that will be used to function. So no metabolism, no weight loss – or at least very little.

All food we consume must be converted into energy by our metabolism, otherwise it becomes fat. That fat, if not burnt for energy, accumulates in the tissues and makes us fat. In the case of goji berries, these are rich in nutrients that quickly convert to energy as: ( Reference )

  • Calcium , which promotes a decrease in fat and keeps bones strong
  • Thiamine or vitamin B1 , which is a great ally to convert carbohydrates into energy and can help better functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • A balanced combination of minerals , which promote proper protein metabolization. ( Reference )

Goji berries are high in fiber which helps you eat less

Consuming enough fiber is also vital to maintain a healthy weight, as this keeps us satisfied longer and also regulates digestion. In the case of goji berries, these fruits are made up of 21% fiber.

High fiber foods help stabilize blood sugar and appetite, which reduces our total calorie intake.

In addition, Goji berries contain chromium which promotes blood glucose balance. Chromium protects muscle tissues when we lose weight, maintaining muscles means wie burn fat because muscles burn calories more efficiently than fat. ( Reference )


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Goji berries increase growth hormone

Goji berries are also especially beneficial for older people. As we age, the growth hormones our bodies produce begin to decrease.

Growth hormone reduce obesity with two enzymes that control lipolysis (breaking down of stored triglycerides into free fatty acids) and lipogenesis (fat accumulation). These hormones are hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) and lipoprotein lipase (LPL)


Goji berries are the only natural food that can, through stimulating the pituitary gland, promote the release of Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

Having enough growth hormone helps the body’s muscles metabolize food energy and prevents excessive storage of fat in the tissues.


It reduces stress and helps you avoid eating from stress

The casualties can have a stress reduction effect. This is important and is related to weight loss because when we are stressed we crave more calorie-rich foods.


In addition, stress promotes the body to accumulate more fat stores. It is a natural defense mechanism of the body that we keep from our ancestors, who were stressed by food shortages, and therefore needed to be more efficient to get food.

Goji berries can reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, making us feel calmer and less craving.



Goji berries stimulate you to exercise

Perhaps you have been there, you have every intention to exercise, then one thing leads to another and you\’re sprawled out on the couch eating ice cream. Well the road to a bigger waist line is paved with good intentions.

Aside of feeling demotivated, many people don\’t exercise because of fatigue. That\’s where goji berries can help.

Goji berries are excellent at fight fatigue and giving the user more energy.

Goji berries also:

  • improve oxygen metabolism
  • increase stamina
  • improve immune system
  • help with heart health and increase circulation . ( Reference )

All of which enhances the bodies natural energy resources. This causes you to be more willing to move and exercise. Extra movement, as we know, helps with burning of calories.


Strengthen glandular activity – and liver

The Thyroid, pituitary, thymus and adrenal glands are strengthened when we consume nutrient packed foods like Goji berries. Muscle tissues can also be regenerate faster.

Then there\’s the liver


A healthy liver is essential to weight loss. The liver is responsible for producing bile which in turn breaks down fat. Aside from that, the liver also filters the blood ensuring the removal of all toxins, keeping us healthy and energized.

What does this have to do with goji berries?

Well, in Traditional Chinese medicine goji berries have been used for years to restore the function of the liver and strengthen it. A stronger and more effecient liver will is a great benefit to weight loss – and health too.



Goji lowers blood sugar

First, Goji berries have a very low glycemic index, which means that their consumption doesn\’t cause blood glucose levels to rise significantly.

Foods that have a glycemic index higher than 70, in addition to filling us with sugar, feed cravings causing us to eat more sugary foods.

On the other hand, foods with a low glycemic index (less than 55) keeps us satiated longer. They also do not affect the blood sugar balance and can help reduce cravings.

When we compare Goji berries with other fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, melons and peaches, for example, you can see that goji glycemic index is considerably lower, at only 29. ( Reference )

So, initially, consuming Goji berries can reduce our cravings for sugary food, which are largely responsible for weight gain.



Testimonials of using Goji berries for weight loss :

Below is the before and after weight loss pictures of a woman that lost 128 pounds with goji berries. You can find the link > here to her testimonial.

Woman who lost 128 pounds with Goji Berries




Do Goji berries make you gain weight

Goji Berries stabilize the metabolism and have a lot of antioxidants. They can be used to supplement a diet that is lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients.

So do goji berries also make you gain weight? The short answer to this is – no. Just like anything else, if you ate a large amount of goji berries then they probably could, but in general they are diet safe



How to add Goji berries to weight loss

If you can access fresh Goji berries, you can enjoy them whole. Add fresh goji berries to smoothies, cereal, mix them with other fruits. Goji berries can also be eaten in your favorite combination of nuts and dried fruits. You can also integrate them into the pastry and use them to flavor salads.

Below is a picture of how it could be included in a salad:



You can add Goji berries in the carrot soup:



How to make goji tea

Goji berry tea is a delicious and healthy way to take this fruit. This can be taken at the start of the day as a “pick me up”, or at the end of the day.

Below is a video of how to prepare Goji berry tea:


Goji berries side effects

Similar to the acai berry , side effects can also occur with gojis. The reasons for this can be of different types. For example, allergy reactions can occur in berry allergy sufferers . If you are allergic to berries in general, you should also be careful with goji berries. In general, it is advisable not to overdo it with the dosage , because this can lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea with fruits and berries .


Apart from that,  goji berries increase the blood-thinning effect of corresponding medications . Possible interactions should therefore be discussed with a doctor. Otherwise, no significant side effects are known and the consumption is absolutely harmless for healthy people !


Frequently asked questions

How many goji berries should I eat a day for weight loss?

According to one preliminary study, consuming just 14 grams of goji berries per day is enough to improve metabolism. As we all know a better working metabolism means can, in turn, lead to weight loss. 


What time of day should I eat goji berries?

Goji berries can be eaten at any time of day, but they are best consumed before a workout. Carbohydrates fuel muscles, and they may improve energy and performance, according to a study using goji juice.




lose weight with goji
are goji berries good for weight loss?

Goji berries can help with weight loss. They are easy to eat, tasty, natural and healthy. However, as we mentioned, if you have a bad diet and expect goji berries to erase that, then you\’ll be wasting your time.

In the case of a dieter wanting to give their weight loss a boost, then goji berries come highly recommended.



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