how many goji berries a day
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How many goji berries a day?


How many goji berries should i eat a day

One of the things I often hear regarding goji berries is; how many goji berries a day should I take? While you’re unlikely to over dose on goji berries, it worth knowing how many you need to receive the maximum nutritional benefits. Here we answer that question, and more.


How many goji berries should you eat in one day?

From experience, the optimal daily portion of dried goji berries is a good handful. This depends on the size of the person, but in general that\’s about 20-30 g of Goji berries per day .

With this amount, the body is supplied with the recommended daily dose of the vitamins a goji contains. There are studies that suggest taking 50 grams a day will give a person the maximum therapeutic effect. So, by all means, take a little more than a handful if you are so inclined. However, larger amounts than this is not necessary.


How many goji berries is too much?

It should be mentioned more doesn’t always been better. There’s a certain point the body reaches where the nutrients can no longer be processed. This can be seen with vitamins, where the body simple excretes what it cannot use.

how many goji berries should i eat a day?

Also, although rare, some people with sensitive stomachs may find that eating too many goji berries may result in diarrhea. So staying within the handful parameters ensures that you get the vitamins you need, without any unexpected “extras”


How much goji juice to drink a day?

Unlike dried Goji berries , which are a food,  Goji juice is a food supplement.  So you should not take a whole glass like you would any other fruit juice, but only one measuring spoon per day (about 30 ml).

Compared to dried Goji berries, the active ingredient in 100% pure Goji juice are more concentrated. So be careful to always respect the daily quantities indicated on the label! This advice also goes for goji extracts, powders and capsules.

It was observed that the regular consumption of freshly squeezed goji juice could have positive effects after 14 days. So if you really want to see direct “success”, a multi-week cure with goji juice is recommended.



When should goji berry consumption be limited?

Only patients who are taking a blood thinner such as Marcumar or Coumadin should keep Goji berries to a moderate level, or avoid completely if this is recommended by doctors.

In these cases, high dosages of goji berries and goji berry juice can increase the effect of these drugs. This can result in excessive bleeding when cut, or from the nose or the gastrointestinal tract. You can read more about this in our article side effects of goji berries

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